Attack the death point which is always covered thoroughly by Google (Alphabet) & Facebook

Google and Facebook were formed and developed by the revenue of online ads. So Google and Facebook's "death point" is definitely from online ads too. However, what is the detail of the "death point"? That is the problem.

Obviously, mechanisms and policies on ads and ads content will not be the "death point". And building new products and services to compete with Google and Facebook will definitely not bring anything. So where will the "death point" come from? Yes, it will definitely come from the advertisers, the users and ads money.

First, the user still needs a free platform instead, but if the users are no longer compromised by privacy, no longer spammed, no longer subject to coercion, no longer fraud, and exploitation by forcible ads. If the users have complete rights to view or not view ads clearly and if the users view ads then they are paid appropriately. Surely the users will change and switch to that better new platform.

Secondly, it is job opportunities for everyone. If users easily to use messages, social networks, websites, forums where they participate in to earn the income up to hundreds of dollars each month from introducing and sharing appropriate ads for their friends and relatives. Surely they will change and switch to that better new platform.

Third, it is the ads money. Standing in the position of advertisers then we know that, they need effective ads with lower costs and easily to connecting with their customers directly. So if there is another platform that helps advertisers can do their business better, of course, they will change and switch to that better new platform.

Therefore, the key point, Google and Facebook's "death point" is the direct connection of ads. Making a direct connection between users and advertisers will solve all the problems. Because this direct connection will help advertisers doing business better because of cheaper ad prices and easily interact with their customers to increase sales. At the same time, this direct connection can create job opportunities for everyone. This mechanism will completely defeat the greedy giant dictators that earn money through intermediary ads platform. And in particular, users no longer have their privacy infringed, forced and exploited by forcible ads anymore. This will be a practical and useful platform to solve the basic cause of all problems because it hits straight into the "death point" of Google and Facebook.

The Didahaa revolution base on the social network app that is the direct ads connection platform. Through the Didahaa app, users can completely surfing webs, connect friends and relatives unlimited with privacy is absolute respected. And of course, the Didahaa app hasn't got any of forced ads, if users choose to see ads then the ads money will be paid for users directly from advertisers. In addition, the ad prices in the Didahaa app is completely transparent, clear for both users and advertisers. So the ad prices will tend to become a real value and achieve the highest efficiency. With the Didahaa app, jobs are regained and the life of users will gradually improve, all because of real social progress.

Didahaa brings a real revolution where we completely eliminate the exploitation by forcible ads under the "disguised free" cover. Didahaa revolution will bring real technological progress for ourselves, for fairness, for a better world.
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