Be crazy with forced ads display on viewing contents

I have been feeling very inhibited and uncomfortable whenever I was watching my content suddenly, the ads being inserted to my content. It forced me to wait then I couldn't see my content until it finished. It was displayed without any of asking, informed or approvement by me. So I've given up many websites, many apps that have forced me to see such ads. But then the forcible ads appear more and more. And now it seems to have become something natural and it's happening everywhere around the globe. I remember my feeling that I was not respected, I was insulted and I was cheated, that is very clear... But then my friends and colleagues around me just laugh out and say: "it's normal, they have to display such ads to earn money, that helps them build the free content for you to watch. Please don't be watched for free but also talkative like that..." Oh My God! What's happening? Why do all people use the "free reason" to justify such fraud and wrongdoing like that? Or am I wrong?...

In fact, I was not wrong because the cost of paying for content or app development just accounted for less than 20% of the actual ad values. At least 80% of the ad values are used to create a huge intermediate empire. That empire is worth more than 1250 billion USD today. Because it's too big, it's free and it's global then it's making people dare not thinking about, misunderstandings or self-accepted the forcible ads.

Here, the viewers, the content developers, and the advertisers are working hard to build up the free empire that worth over 1250 billion USD. The users are obligating to see ads, the content developers just are paid less than 10% of the actual ad values, the advertisers have to pay more and more expensive ad price... All just to build the greed giant dictators that are Google and Facebook. It's time we need to think about that, it's time we need to be respected, it's time we fight to get rid of the forcible ads and it's time we fight for privacy. These were the main reasons for the birth of the Didahaa revolution.
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