More than 1250 billion USD is just the tip of the giant iceberg

As a role of the business company, in the framework of the law allowed, the law does not mention or the law cannot know then how to increase costs, reduce actual revenue leads to reduce profits to avoid income tax is a problem that any business company is eager to find solutions. Because the nature of the business is to make money and as much money as possible. So if there is a way that isn't to break the law and still make more money, then why does the business company not choose? Therefore, multinational companies often invest and choose to set up offices and branches in countries which have attractive income tax incentive policies to transfer revenue there to avoid taxing.

With this fact, it is not difficult to optimize profits for companies like Alphabet (Google) or Facebook. At present, although the value of these two companies is larger than 1250 billion USD, in fact, we cannot judge properly and completely about its size. More than 1250 billion worth of Google and Facebook are still considered as the floating part of the iceberg only.

The key point is, we only know that the making of profits optimal of multinational companies always occurs but we can't know how much money of the profits that the multinational companies can be optimized. We really can't know the actual revenue of these companies because we can't know how many offices and branches that they have all over the world. Even when we know all of their offices and branches, we still can't know their actual revenue because no one has authority enough to request all governments provide business information in their country. We have global companies but we still not have a global country. This means surely, it is impossible to know the actual profits of these companies. So it's easy to understand that the actual annual revenue of Google and Facebook is too large. And of course, it will be much larger than the actual figures today. Why is that?

The current global ads price fluctuating on an average of 0.1 USD to 0.2 USD for each ad view. So, do you know how many times an online user have to see ads each day? Do you know the current number of users who are using the products and services of Google and Facebook worldwide? Surely, it's many billion people. Because you just need trying to ask and answer yourself, have anyone who does not use at least one of the products such as Google Search, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome browser, Android operating system and so on? I think it's hard to have someone online but without using at least one product or service of Google and Facebook. Even if we do not use the products or services mentioned above, for example, we playing games, watching the news, surfing websites, using free applications that we think they don't belong to Google or Facebook but inside, actually, they still can display Google or Facebook ads. Today, most online ads are owned by Google and Facebook. That means the ads of Google and Facebook is covering the global internet. So, finally, one day, one month, one year, how much actual revenue from advertising of these two companies will be? can you Imagine?

In fact, the daily revenue of Google and Facebook can be up to billions USD and therefore, their actual annual sales cannot be measured. We only know that it is large, extremely large and far exceeding the revenue figures that make up the value of 1250 billion USD of these companies. Because it is clear that there is nobody, no organization, no country that has authority enough to be able to accurately measure the global transactions of these companies. That is obviously, no one has the ability and authority to interfere into the programming code of Google and Facebook to calculate the revenue of online ads every hour, every day on all over the world accurately.

Currently, there isn't any country, there isn't any law, there isn't any organization that has permission to interfere to the programming code of Google and Facebook to be able to statistics all their global ads transactions. So, it is clear that their actual revenue figures currently only mean relative declarations. Therefore, surely, the 1250 billion USD value of Google and Facebook is just the floating part of the iceberg.
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