The direct ad connection is threat thousands of billion USD of online ads

Two of the world's leading technology companies are Google (Alphabet) and Facebook that are built, formed and developed entirely based on the profit gained from providing an advertising connection platform. Currently, the market value of these two companies exceeds the threshold of 1250 billion USD. In essence, Google and Facebook do not sell specific products. They are essentially an intermediary connected platform of ads between advertisers and customers. However, although they are only connected intermediaries, they enjoy the huge profits that accounting for 90% -100% of the total ad value. While at the same time, they bring risks and discomfort to users such as privacy infringement, human rights violated, loss of user data, display forcible ads worldwide. To understand the nature and magnitude of these two companies, you can refer to the information through the article: The secrets to making up a billion USD company and More than 1250 billion USD is just the tip of the giant iceberg

"The World Is Flat" is an international best-selling book by Thomas L. Friedman. In this book, Thomas L. Friedman emphasizes that all competitors have an equal opportunity. And it's like the current and future trend is occurring because of direct connection. Then all of us easy to accept this. Because obviously now, we can see too many business companies that make great success with the direct connection model. Especially, with the birth and success of Uber then we can see and using a direct connection model everywhere. The direct connection model that help people all over the world and it's really social progress. It's the flat world that Thomas L. Friedman emphasized. But there is the most important business field still not follow this trend that resists social progress. It's online ads fields. We can easy to see that the online ads field has been dominated by Google and Facebook. They are intermediate companies that provide the online ads connection platform but they have more than 1250 billion USD values now. Most of these values have come from display the forcible ads. They also have many problems that can violate privacy, human rights, and user data.

It's time to change that, it's time to fight for the true benefit of users, it's time to replace the advertising model of Facebook and Google with a better platform. It is the direct connecting platform that connects advertisers with their customers. It is the direct connecting platform that connects buyers with sellers. Now, the users will not be compromised by privacy, the users will have the active right to choose whether viewing or not viewing ads and if the users choose to view ads, then the users will be paid ad money directly from the advertisers. This is the direct connection model in the online ads field that are being formed and developed by the Didahaa revolution. Undoubtedly, this direct ads revolution will threaten trillions of USD that formed by the intermediary ads connection platform of Google and Facebook.
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