The free apps are robbing us for hundreds of dollars monthly

It's strange when the free app can rob our money for every day, every hour. And in fact, there are still a lot of online users who still don't know how we get robbed by applications, websites, and online products that are for free. Yes, that is advertising, they show ads, they force us to watch ads, our watching content is interrupted by forcible ads. Because when we are watching our content, the forcible ads display which means it robs us the time. And obviously, our time is money, that is money for the time we are robbed by forcible ads, it is called our opportunity cost. The opportunity cost is, if we are not robbed of time by watching the forcible ads then we can do other things to make money in that time. However, this will easily be calculated based on the ad value that is paid for each view of us.

Currently, each of our ad views, the advertisers worldwide have to pay a popular average cost of 0.1 USD to 0.2 USD. An online user can be forced to view ads for dozens, even hundreds of times, every day. We can see the online ads are available everywhere. Ads can be displayed in every corner of the internet like from free news channels, forums, websites, blogs, Youtube, Facebook, online games, smart TVs, browsers, software, search engines on the desktop to mobile devices... almost there isn't a place that we don't see ads. While the cost to build content and develop the system to provide users only accounts for 10% to 20% of total ad revenue. This number also included the costs of copyright. At least 80% of real ads revenue is the amount of the number that we are being robbed. The companies with the intermediate ad platform have robbed the money from all online people to build up a huge empire that has valued over 1250 billion USD. The huge empire is Google and Facebook who are providing us an intermediate advertising platform with most of the free products and services.

Please list all your online activities in detail and try to count the total times that you see the forcible ads each day. Whether you play games, watch news, watch movies, use Facebook, use Google... all even if you don't see the word "Facebook" or "Google" on the places where you are participated in like the social networks, the entertainment websites... but also the ads are displayed will mostly be owned by Google or Facebook. Then, multiply the total times that you saw ads with 0.1 USD to 0.2 USD. Last, you take the total money that you calculated to multiply with 80%, the result is the money that you are definitely robbed each day. And surely, it will up to hundreds of USD each month. It's time to change that. It's time to get hundreds of USD each month back. That is the meaning of forming up the Didahaa revolution today.
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