The global blood-sucking virus have the beauty of free to use color

We currently live in a booming period of technology. Technology has greatly contributed to the strong development of the economy and the life of all people around the world. Technology has given us unlimited connections but this development and advancement of technology are also being used to create "the global blood-sucking virus" with the name is "free". This global blood-sucking virus has been covered by the beauty of social progress. It's spreading worldwide to create an empire that has more than 1250 billion USD value.

Grasping the very normal psychology of all people is to enjoy free of charge. So the technology pioneers have cleverly used it in business to create incredibly powerful viruses with the name is "free". Because in the deeply hiding in this free of charge cover, it is easy to be recognized as dedication, contribution, positive and good for all of us... Aren't we using Facebook for free? Facebook is great to help us connecting with all our friends around the globe easily, and quickly. And aren't we feeling very comfortable when using Google's products and services like Google Search to search very quickly, efficiently, and completely free? And Instagram, news, movies, clips, music... are all awesome because of the free? Yes, because it is free and convenient, it is a virus that is the easiest to spread, and it is devastating worldwide incredibly. Let's see: The secrets to making up a billion USD company and More than 1250 billion USD is just the tip of the giant iceberg We will understand the nature of "the free virus".

In fact, no matter who, if we really get a meaningful free gift from true benefactors, we will all deeply engraved in our hearts with deep gratitude. But the disguising by the free of charged and free but extremely expensive, it is a very dangerous virus. It is dangerous not only because it violates our privacy, taking our trillions of dollars, coercing us, exploiting us by forcible ads, but it also has the characteristic of spreading that is extremely strong. Now, everywhere we can see the invitations to use for free of charge products or services that can come from free games, watching the news, movies, applications ... but going with it, it's forcible ads, it is "the disguised free virus" that is so dangerous because of the constantly spreading of it. This virus is exploiting and "sucking blood" all of us every day, every hour by forcible ads.

It's time for us to say no to this "disguised free virus". It's time for us to stop the destruction of this virus. It's time for us to stop the "blood-sucking" of this virus because of ourselves. That's why the Didahaa revolution was born.
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