The conspiracy enslaves the globe of Google (Alphabet) with motto prevent & destroy from the beginning. Android 8.0 version, the hegemony step has been revealed arrogantly.

The disguised free hides the greedy dictator.

Not knowing when the thinking that doing or watching something online for free, so you must accept ads displayed as a naturally fair. Especially, this thinking has been spread and accepted almost everywhere today. It would be fair if the ads want to display have to be allowed by viewers but can not forcibly and exploited like now. Because obviously, you can't invite your guests coming to your house attentively, to enjoy "the delicious & free pastry" that you've just made. But as soon as the guests believe in your offer and step into your house. Immediately, you coerce and hook the money of your guests without caring whether your guests agree or not. It is a blatant looting action. It's violated human rights. Please take a closer look at the information below to ensure that you understand the nature of the Didahaa app and how the Didahaa revolution was created before we move on to the next contents:

The secrets have been exposed. The global bandits have been discovered
The secrets to making up a billion USD company
Be crazy with forced ads display on viewing contents
Fighting for viewing ads get paid rights
Who has the right to force us seeing ads?
Who is hiding global jobs to enrich for themselves?
The free apps are robbing us for hundreds of dollars monthly
More than 1250 billion USD is just the tip of the giant iceberg
The global blood-sucking virus have the beauty of free to use color
The weakness of international when resistance against new global looting
The world is decayed because of the verdict that has "technological progress" name

Constantly encroaching to cover up & obscure the thoughts about basic human rights

As an end user, let's admire Google's vast product system currently available now at here. Clearly, Google products are constantly evolving, covering almost every area that we need as operating systems, browsers, community connections, researching, learning, entertainment, working... Sometimes, the products and technologies that Google brings to us, seem to be not advertising, seem to be free completely, seem to be devoted entirely... It makes almost people mistakenly thought that it was a great and superior dedication. And perhaps, it is so hard to find someone who doesn't use any of Google's products or services now. It's the key point. It's a disguised free trap that is covering all over the world now.

It is thinking about the superior, cheap, even free, without ads or ads fit the user's need has been bringing the dubious, making users mistaken and forgetting about the privacy, forget the thinking about human rights. Isn't most of the world accepting the display of forced ads that are everywhere? Aren't we accepting to be exploited in the disguised free cover? That's happening every second, every minute, every day and everywhere on all over the world. In particular, when users need something, Google immediately detects with increasing accuracy. And if we stand on the positive aspect, this is a great thing because we are always served wholeheartedly, in place and exactly what we need... But these things have blurred the sense of privacy and human rights. It is also the key point to erodes and erases the thinking about human rights, about the legitimate privacy of whole people on a global scale... And then, gradually, no one will wonder about what privacy is being violated anymore. And perhaps, no one will say or ask about the basic human rights anymore...

Using the trap art by superiorly technology bait

As a developer, let's see Google brings a wonderful comprehensive system of products and solutions. Here, convenience, simplicity, and easy to use have been put on the top priority by Google. It's to help the developer can quickly develop their ideas in the most effective way. And when developers deploy their apps or solutions, Google always ready to help their ideas can have the best development. And when the app or solution of developers has been complete, Google also helps their app or solution can fly higher and further. Even when the app or solution of developers has made a good income, Google still can help their app or solution make more improvements and earn much more money. That is introduced by Google. Now, we can see the comprehensive system of products and solutions that Google provides for developers at here.

In addition, Google has a lot of attractive support programs for developers like communities built to share experiences to help developers grow best, Developer Student Clubs, Google Developers Experts, Woman Techmakers, the community of business professionals, the program for startups and agencies... Even, Google is willing to support 200 USD monthly Google Cloud credit for startups that can quickly fly high and reach far based on Google's excellent platform. We can watch these fascinating programs at here.

However, there are two extremely big problems that absolutely no one is allowed to mention to that, or if mention to that, it will be quickly sought to extinguish immediately. The first, with every USD that developers earn through Google platform, how much money does Google get? The second, what happens when developers have the idea to develop the product that better than Google's product and compete directly with Google's existing product? While all of us know that Google products are getting the trend to fully cover all demands from us. So what will developers on Google's platform only be developed? Are that news, entertainment, and games? And certainly, the developers must ensure to absolutely no conflict with Google's interests.

Could you imagine Google's giant technology trap? If you are a developer like me before, when I don't have a competitive solution or conflict of interest solution with Google as most of the developers now, then Google is great. Try asking that have any developers can avoid the temptation of exploiting the connection with existing platforms such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps ... of Google? Surely, it's not. But do you know the cost of using Google's cloud computing service when you develop is huge and extremely expensive? Do you know each 1 USD that your product earns from Google ads, Google could already earn 10 USD or more from your product? And if you're still an app developer to make money from Google's platform, that means you are already trapping by Google's superior technology bait... if you succeed, you will be praised, you will get more recognition and support from Google... But do you know, it's just the ways that help Google exploiting you much more and much more?

Only when you have spent months, years and experimented with many fail startups... Until when your ideas, solutions, or applications conflict directly with Google's interests, then you maybe realize that you have been trapped by Google. Google just wants you to do small and odd things to full fill the gaps of user's demands. And it's hard to realize that trap if you're still working under the shadow of Google. Because you're being lulled and stroked by Google...

Create the peak art of enslavement by the sweet dependency

Have you ever quit smartphones, abandoned the internet for a few days or a few weeks? Have you ever tried to live without Google for a period of a long time? Surely then you will understand how dependent on Google products and services have been become increasingly profound. The convenient, the deep understanding from Google has given us an easier and more comfortable life... It won't be a matter if Google offers us great products or services but with the respect of human rights, the respect of privacy, being fair and not being greedy too much by exploiting through the forcible ads, with the disguised free horribly as now... but unfortunately, these things have and will never happen.

We are becoming increasingly dependent and becoming inseparable from Google's products and services. Even when we use other third-party products and services and think it has nothing related to Google, we may be wrong. Because at present, most of the technology applications and solutions are built on Google's platform, especially technologies and applications related to mobile devices and cloud computing. And if these third-party applications and solutions are monetizing Google's advertising, it means that Google is still exploiting us and also exploiting the third party that is providing services to us. Do you know the Android platform is accounting for 85% of the global mobile device market share? While both Apple Store and Google Play exploit Google's advertising platform? (You can see more information about this devil coalition here)

Sweet dependency is the ultimate convenience. That means, whatever we need Google can provide us or at least are the third parties that relate to Google. In fact, applications serving most of our needs can find out at Google Play and Apple Store. This combination covers most of our needs, and our needs are increasingly met in the best way. The dependency will become even sweeter when our privacy and human rights issues handled by Google will be "cleverly and smoothly" more and more.

High-end enslavement art that Google has built by the development of products and services covering all aspects of life. It helps Google create a wall to protect the monopoly empire and prevent any other competition from the opponent. With the advantage of a large platform, Google is ready to offer a lot of services that seem completely free to us. This power can be used to destroys most small competitors with short-term visions. Imagine today, have anyone want to write a new browser that competes with Google Chrome? Does anyone want to make a map application compete with Google Maps? Does anyone want to write a search application that competes with Google Search or Gmail app?... Try to ask, who wants to do so? Who can compete with Google? Surely, almost nobody. Why? Because no one has the budget to do that while Google is doing very well. Google even can serve those solutions, services free, or at least simply offset the costs of different business fields to defeat the competitors who have weak technology and limit budget?

High-end enslavement art that Google has built also formed through a closed system of products, services, and solutions. On the end user side, Google is full of advantages and convenience to entice most internet users while on the developer side, Google inviting, offering, training and when developers join, Google will guiding for developers from the first steps to the steps of complete ideas, then Google can support for developer's ideas growth to earn money and much more. It's a comprehensive solution for developers. It's a closed circle with a full color of magic that's covering the globe. This is the key point, this is the scariest point, and it is also the highest enslavement art of Google, it is unprecedented in human history. And it is clear that no one has been able to detect yet. then, of course, no one prevents this terrible exploiting, no one fights this incredible enslavement... no one yet...

Detect, prevent & seek to destroy even the smallest anti ideas

With the high-end enslavement art have been created by the sweet dependency that I mentioned above, you could try to ask by yourself that, how quick is Google can discover great ideas from the developer community? How many great products, services, and ideas that Google is inheriting, developing into its own products that are brought from the developer community? If it is possible to open a comprehensive interview for the developer community to research, it will certainly not be a small quantity. But because of Google's shadow is too big while the developers are too small, they don't have enough media power to let us know if their ideas are being stolen or being pinched.

Let's look at an example of an app developer who used Google's Firebase service, the price of services from 25 USD per month suddenly increased to 7000% while the application and usage data didn't have any changes. You can see details of the case that called Google's "service trap" for developers at here. In case you can't see the detail link to Google's "service trap" case, it means that the article may have been deleted under some influence.

Only when you want to contribute with a really good solution that better than Google or threaten Google's current products and services, you will quickly realize the reverse of Google. Even if you do not write the app for Google Play and you write the app for Apple Store, but if your app threatens to Google's advertising platform, then you will be very fast to understand that, Google's tentacles are extremely vastly.

Let's see why even the iOS platform also rejects app related to providing superior advertising solutions, the app that fights for human rights and not violating privacy rights still are denied. Let's see why another big platform like iOS, another giant technology company like Apple doesn't do ads business. Does Apple don't want to violate user privacy so do not do advertising business? Let's see why there isn't any app that provides another ads solution in Apple's app store? Let's see why the Apple Store only has Google's ads solution only?

Let's see: Why does Apple reject an app that fights for human rights & social progress? How does the global exclusive blood-sucking conspiracy of the evil coalition take place?

The hegemony step has been revealed arrogantly from Android 8.0 version

Android is the operating system developed by Android Inc. and acquired by Google in 2005. At this time, many people think Google will launch a mobile phone with its own operating system. But no, with hegemonic vision, with superior technological, Google don't concentrate too much on hardware devices. Google's primary goal is to make the Android operating system being the most popular operating system on mobile devices like today. From there, Google does the ambitious hegemonic conspiracy... and it has been revealed when the Android version 8.0 deployed.

With the products, services and solutions ecosystem that covers all areas as mentioned in the above sections and the cost of developing an operating system is really not small, it is also really not simple at all. So Google quickly enticed, manipulated and dominated the installing of the Android on the devices of the third parties such as Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Oppo, LG, Nokia... Standing on the manufacturer's side, this is beneficial cooperation, because of the mobile phone manufacturers from Korean, China or other countries that are not strong in software technology. And when the Android copyright cost is so attractive as now, of course, Android is the number 1 choice. Even if Google doesn't need money from the Android copyright cost, the dominance of the Android on mobile devices still will give Google a No. 1 hegemony advantage. It will help Google implement the hugest terrible plan that has been cherished for a long time now.

Google's hugest hegemony plan is the conspiracy to dominate the globe by the Android platform, and the Android platform will be the center of technology in the present and many years to come of the world. It can become true by making all applications that developed to run on Google's Android platform will be dependent and controlled by Google. Google's conspiracy will succeed because of without any significant resistance like now. Google only needs some years more. This hegemonic step has been implemented by Google since Android version 8.0. So what is this hegemonic step? As soon as the Android became popular and Google complete the Firebase service, Google has made extremely important changes on Android, it is the hegemony steps of Google. We can see these extremely changes here.

The key to the problem is the "Push Notification" service. From Android version 8.0, only applications that use Google's Firebase can use the "Push Notification" service. Otherwise, the app will not be able to run the operating system's background service. And of course the "Push Notification" needs the operating system's background service to work. So, what is the "Push Notification"? Simply, that is the notification displayed on your mobile phone whenever you have: new incoming call, new incoming message, a new email arrives... even when you are not holding your mobile phone, your mobile phone not in active mode or the application in your mobile phone is not running in front of you, it still displays notification for you.

Further details, from Android version 8.0, applications that do not use Firebase to deploy the "Push Notification" service will be 100% isolated. This means, when you no longer use the app, then the app will not display any notifications for you without caring about you want or don't want that. Google has taken care of that for you without asking you...

Imagine I'm having a great mobile phone application that users really want to use. But I don't use Google's Firebase for my app. So what happens to the user's phone when the user's phone has a new message from a friend in my app? And what happens to the user's phone if the user's phone has a new call from a contact that the user is waiting for in my app? If the user isn't opening the app, there is nothing happens. Because the app is not using Google's Firebase, then the user will not be notified at all, even if the user desires that. This is the way that Google implements the hegemony step. This is how Google isolates development applications that are not under Google's control. This is how Google prevent any threat from competitors. This is how Google implements the dominance plan. Because of nobody will write the app that can't interact with the users like that anymore..

What is Google's explanation? Google explains that it is good for users, to help users have a better experience and especially, to save battery power for users so on and so on. By these reasons, Google has replaced users to decide which applications are good and which applications are not good. Obviously, this is a disrespect action to users and violated human rights. It is the way how Google implemented the dominance plan openly on a global scale. And let's see how Google saves the battery power for users while many of Google's services always enabled even when they violate the privacy seriously at here.

Currently, the popularity of the Android version 8.0 and above accounted for 8% of total mobile devices that are running the Android operating system. What will happen if a few years more, all the mobile devices are installed the Android operating system from version 8.0 or above? Especially when we know that Apple is allied with Google, and applications on Apple Store exploit Google's advertising platform only. Then from Google Play, Apple Store to other app stores like Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, Fdroid... will also be completely under the real control of Google. Certainly, this means that there won't have voiced about human rights and privacy violations anymore. This also means that, at that time, Google had shadowed and dominated the globe... and we will have to really accept the horrific exploitation of the greedy dictator under the disguised free cover. Then, where is the global will go to? Let's see: The world is decayed because of the verdict that has "technological progress" name to understand more deeply about that.

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