The secrets to making up a billion USD company

The profitability of advertising is so unbelievable that it is the reason for creating giant dictators like Google (Alphabet) and Facebook. This unimaginable profit comes from three main reasons below:

Firstly, no one, no organization in the world, has the right or the ability to interfere in the internal programming code of these companies to accurately count every ad deal being made in every day, every hour around the globe. We only know the one-way and non-verifiable information that they report quarterly, yearly only.

Secondly, the cost of developing a product compare to actual sales can be small to insignificant. Take Mozilla and Whatsapp as an example. Mozilla's main source of revenue comes mostly from search engine (Google) royalties on firefox only. Or, Whatsapp, by 2016, with developing target isn't display ads, they expect to earn 0.99 USD per user per year after one year of free to use to maintain and grow. But right after that, Whatsapp was sold to Facebook for 19 billion USD. At that time, the daily user of Whatsapp about 350 million and the yearly user about 450 million. So if 0.99 USD per user per year as the original expectations of Whatsapp then why it's 19 billion USD worth? It's too big. Just because it has huge potential values, it is the expectation of development and exploitation from the huge profits of advertising.

Third, the huge revenue comes from the price structure itself. Currently, advertisers having to pay about 0.1 USD to 0.2 USD per ad view worldwide, but the content developers earning ads money from Google Adsense just got about 0.01 USD per ad view only. That value is only accounted for less than 10% of the real ad value. It's still not mentioned to the main revenue that directly accounts for 100% of ads value comes from sources that these companies don't have to pay for content fees such as Facebook, Gmail, Google Search...

Currently, the total value of the Alphabet (Google) and Facebook reach up to more than 1,250 billion USD. This whole value is formed almost entirely by advertising. And almost no one can imagine how the negative impact of these huge numbers that affected global freedom, privacy, employment, business and commodity prices yet. That's why we are here with Didahaa...
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