The weakness of international when resistance against new global looting

We already know that the world is facing terrible exploitation as well as serious problems of privacy infringement, human rights, rights to be respected. These rights have been violated by global technology companies like Alphabet (Google ) and Facebook. You can see in details through articles like: The secrets to making up a billion USD company, Be crazy with forced ads display on viewing contents and More than 1250 billion USD is just the tip of the giant iceberg

However, in the face of that reality, what have nations, alliances or even the United Nations did to regulate these global technology companies? In fact, the European Union's punishment for Google or Facebook is just the corrective response that having the moment of deterrence. Even if the European Union researched to make policies, laws to force technology companies to protect user privacy, that is just an expressing of "weak resistance" when faced with the power of global technology companies.

Besides, there is the reality that the major newspapers, the content developers, news companies who put effort, money, even blood and the lives of reporters to bring us vivid, authentic information from dangerous places, ongoing war places, the harshest places in the world. But it is not difficult for that valuable information to be stealing, exploiting, trespassing and reusing all over the world without paying any money for the news producers. In response to this fact, the newspaper alliance in Europe and around the world has simultaneously asked technology companies such as Alphabet (Google) and Facebook have to pay money for their contents. But things will where to go? It will be a long time, it will be hard for that to happen in a proper way. Therefore, some major newspapers have come to the decision to propose users that the users should pay very small fees only 1 USD to 2 USD per month, or donate money for reporters to see official news and respect the copyright. But with the "free virus" appear all over the world like now, this obviously will be difficult to operate, even cannot be.

Take a look at an extremely basic and concrete fact that it takes less than 5 minutes for companies like Alphabet (Google) or Facebook to ask for a board meeting and make decisions that affect the globe on the ground. Their foundation facility soon after. And they can do it every day, every hour. But how long does it take to journalist coalition and content producers can sit together? How long does it take for the European Union to meet and discuss copyright issues and reach an agreement? How long does it take for the United Nations to have content on the agenda about copyright issues and make a consistent agreement? And how long does it take for a new law can be passed and enforced globally? Surely it will be very long or even impossible. This clearly shows the imbalance in coping and resolving issues related to the negative effects that global technology companies are bringing to people all over the world today.

In addition, the leaders who have so many important things that need to be solved like economic issues, political policy, and military problems then how can they concentrate on privacy, human rights issues deeply enough? From the national level to the coalition level, try to ask, can the leaders have enough time to learn, grasp and understand deeply about technology which is a very difficult field to joining in, then these leaders need to provide mechanisms and policies to adjust reasonably and immediately for the issues of global technology? Obviously, they can't. Because it's too hard for the leaders who have been usually good at the macro policy to also good at technology at the same time. That's why even when being brought to a hearing, Facebook is almost unaffected.

This is all the reason for the fact that new technology companies have formed and developed beyond the control of any agency, organization or government in the world. And when faced with the actual power of these global technology companies, the international response is too weak to solve the copyright issues, privacy rights, be respect rights, forcible ads issues, and global exploitation. Therefore, we need a strong, vast and profound revolution created by ourselves and for ourselves. That is the reason the Didahaa revolution was born.
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