The world is decayed because of the verdict that has "technological progress" name

Let's watch: More than 1250 billion USD is just the tip of the giant iceberg We will see the tremendous exploitation of technology companies such as Alphabet (Google) and Facebook. And it will bring an unimaginable influence on the global economy and society in the present and in the future. Because there isn't anyone who can stop their development, covering and dominance. They are in the position of the global "giant dictators". They use the advancement of technology to exploit the globe by a virus that has a name called "free of charge". However, there still isn't anyone really can imagine how serious the "technological progress" that they bring to us, has been and will be devastating the world economy.

Firstly, about employment, the globe is losing the advertising job opportunities for all people because it has almost been gathered solely for two companies are Google and Facebook. While, if this online advertising job is not solely concentrated for Google and Facebook, it will be too many and extremely large. It is so large that any of us can have job opportunities in the online communications and ads field. This has tremendous implications for the social and economic life of all people around the globe.

Secondly, in terms of business, Alphabet (Google) and Facebook have a market value of at least over 1250 billion USD. Most of the 1250 billion USD value of Alphabet (Google) and Facebook have come from online ads. And they are just intermediate ads companies. That means all business companies now have to spend at least more than 4 to 5 times more on advertising costs when compared with the real ad value. Because actual ads costs are currently accounted for less than 10% or 20% of ad prices that Alphabet (Google) and Facebook are selling. At least 80% current ad price is profit that has been dropped directly to the pocket of the Alphabet (Google) and Facebook. All of the exceeding ads costs that are contributing to building "the huge free intermediary empire", they are Alphabet (Google) and Facebook. This still doesn't mention the inefficiency in current ads yet. While the ad price is constantly increasing. Try to ask, what are the legitimate business companies around the globe burdening? They are burdening over "the greedy giant dictators".

Thirdly, because of being affected by the high cost of advertising in the business sector, the employment opportunities will be less, the income will be lower, the life of social security will be negatively affected, goods will be subject to price increases to offset the large ads costs.

If there are natural disasters like floods and storms that costs billion USD, then it is inevitable that many millions of lives will be in difficult circumstances. And we will all feel so sorry, so harsh. But every day, every hour, the world economy is losing billions, even hundreds of billions USD for "the intermediate giant dictators" then try to ask, how many millions of people, how many billion people worldwide are affected by rising prices, declining jobs, and more and more difficult lives? But this fact has not been recognized by anyone clearly and profoundly because it has been covered by the curtain, the layer of clothing that called "free and devoted" or "the technology progress", but it is not the real devote. It has built to exploit all of us harshly.

Try to ask which country, organization, governments can use programming code to interfere to each of Alphabet (Google) and Facebook's global ads transactions to transparent the actual revenue of them, then tax the income tax equally as other business companies? No, there isn't any country, agency or organization can do that now. And this is the reason for the terribleness of the judgment called "technological progress" that they use to do business. Try to ask how much of this "technological progress" contributed to the globe? And how much they have exploited the globe? Let's think about that.

How to apply technological progress, how to use technological progress to contribute to creating a better life for the world that is the current top issue, not any other problem. The Didahaa revolution was created to address this issue.
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