Who has the right to force us seeing ads?

"No one" - This answer sounds so right, so reasonable that anyone can answer immediately. But why do we have to endure watching the forcible ads every hour, every day? Clearly, we don't want to see the forcible ads because the forcible ads don't have the permission for show up, it even doesn't ask us for permission to show up, and of course, it isn't approved to show up by us. But the content of the forcible ads that is not desired still shows off, and it interrupting our content with the rude way, it overrides our watching content, it obligates us to wait to watch that ad. Only when the forcible ads finish its show then we can continue to see our content. More importantly, why is this happening everywhere, every day, at any time with a global scale?

The obvious fact is that you invite me to view content A, I am interested in and click on the link that you invite for the sole purpose of viewing content A. But no, when I clicked on the link that you invited me to view content A then there are content B, C, D... inserted into the A content that I want to see. In addition, the contents of E, F, G, H are displayed forcibly and I have to wait to click on the skip button that only shows up after at least 6 seconds, after that I can see the content A that I desire to see. This is not to mention a lot of content X, Y, Z that not related to the content A has displayed around. Please ask yourself, is this a cheat? Is this a forcibly? It's so obvious cheating and forcibly. I could not think of anything else. In particular, this extremely unreasonable reality is becoming so widespread like it's an obvious truth. So, what is the reason for this reality?

The first is large technology companies have grown and reached a global scale. Their superior technology and the internet have been removed the borders of all nations. They have been global technology companies while there is absolutely no global nation or borderless nation to control these global technology companies, to protect the global citizens. With a "United States above all" as it is now, there isn't anyone, there isn't any organization, there isn't any state or government has enough of the capacity, functionality, attention, and authority to protect the legitimate interests of global citizens from the exploitation of global technology companies.

The second is this cruel exploitation, coercion, and forcibly are hidden under the magical beauty of the free of charge that has the meaning of a great contribution to our social progress. "The magical beauty of the free of charge" is contributing to creating a huge empire that worth more than 1250 billion USD. These are the values that Google and Facebook bring to us by providing free of charge services and solutions...

The third is until now, there isn't any solution that can be optimal enough and strong enough to defeat the giant dictators. Because the dictators are too large and the technology field is too hard to join in. So it's hard to get a startup that has influential and capable to replace the current huge empire. But if it is, it is also easy to be detected, squeezed, pinched, defeated, destroyed or being bought... Then gradually, we become familiar with forcible ads and we accepted the greed giant dictators... We have doomed.

It is time to watch or not watch ads have to absolute respected. It is time to completely remove the forcible ads. That is the reason for the Didahaa revolution in birth. The Didahaa revolution will fight for all of this.
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