Who is hiding global jobs to enrich for themselves?

Advertising was, being and will continue to be a very important factor in every economy of every country in the world. We will not be able to sell goods without the media and advertising that connects us to our customers effectively. And it's great that Facebook and Google have provided us with a miracle platform for advertising communications. Through Facebook or Google or both of them, we can advertise to anyone, anywhere, to any of our customers. But we have never considered to the reverse of this miraculous connection...

The reverse of the global connection that brought by Google and Facebook is gradually revealing terrible negativity. It is clearly described through the following three main issues:

First, Google and Facebook have the main business is advertising, not the business of producing specific material wealth. They provide a communication technology platform that is intermediate advertising solutions but they have worth more than 1250 billion USD with serious consequences that are forcible ads appear everywhere, privacy and human rights are violated, lack of the respecting for users...

Second, with their superior platform, Google and Facebook have spread across the globe. They swept away all the other online advertising employment opportunities that can be divided equally and existed in all countries of the world. Imagine the value of 1250 billion USD from advertising intermediate companies, if we divide equally this value then how many jobs can we get for everyone? Certainly, the number of jobs will not be small at all.

The third is the terrible exploitation being hidden behind the expensive ad price and the basic natural of the current ad price structure. Through the magical beauty of the free of charge for products and services, the ad intermediate companies have earned 0.1 USD to 0.2 USD or more for each ad view. It is the average price that advertisers worldwide have to pay for each ad view now. But content and app developers only earn about 10% of the real ad value only. It is about less than 0.01 USD per ad view that Google or Facebook pay for them. And also less than 10% of real ad values is the cost to pay for the system, the staff building and developing the platform. This is the reason why at least 80% of the real ad value is the net profits that fall directly into the pockets of Google and Facebook. This explains why the current worth of Google and Facebook empire is over 1250 billion USD.

Finally, can we create an alternative platform to equally share online advertising job opportunities for all of the world? Can we create an ad platform that can pay for developers up to 85% of real ad value directly from advertisers? The truth is absolutely possible and that's why the Didahaa revolution was born. Didahaa revolution is the place where the global jobs concealment to enrich for Google and Facebook will be completely broken. Didahaa revolution is where equal rights, privacy, and human rights are respected and regained absolutely.
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